Stands for Merrimack Education Center..located in the middle of nowhere Chelmsford, Massachusetts. There are also MEC programs in other places too.

It's for kids with anger problems and learning disablities. It's 90% male population and 10% female population in the area I am in. Kids from both Massachusetts and New Hampshire attend this school. Student ages 13-22. This year they have more Juniors than Seniors, a few Sophomores and two or three freshmen. The building I am in is divided into two groups, Sites 1 and 2#. Site 1 is better than Site 2 this year, last year it was a horrorshow. They'll call the cops on you if you're caught with drugs, or if you sell crap. The FBI came once because of counterfitting.

In MEC they have skanks, liars, attention seekers, wannabe gangsters, people who think they are in gangs and actually are in gangs, assholes, people who want to look cool, smart people, idiots, drug dealers, druggies, drinkers, poseurs, people who create drama, wannabe badasses and rebels, sex obsessed, shallow, thiefs, fakes, losers, arrogant, obnixous and ignorant people.

It's like your regular High School, except for what type of school it is. When you ever get or have the chance to date someone there you're basically put in the middle of drama, The teachers are laid back and so is the school, and they're young, you have kids who lie and make up crap so they look cool, basically lots of people at the school are liars and fakes. It's a Vocational school so you can get a job there and the food is good. You also get a paycheck. Most of the school during the six hours, five days a week I'm there is surrounded by useless crap and drama that people create because they have nothing better to do with their time there. Otherwise it's a good school with HS related issues. We have groups for little minor issues such as swearing, respect etc.. and we can't get thru morning meeting without people talking to one another about off-topic subjects.
Kid 1: Whats up dawg? I told the MEC staff that I had weed in my jacket and told them I wasn't going to give it up.
Kid 2: They're calling the cops. Just give it up.
by Person123 December 07, 2007
Manchester Education Committee. A football firm supporting the Manchester United Football Club.
Jesus Christ, the MEC invaded the pitch the other day.
by PhiberOptik August 12, 2005
Short for Middle-East Coalition. This is a alliance of many Middle eastern nation that will form in early 2005 with alliances between Iran and Syria upon threats of US Sanctions against Iran.

Their goal to rid the arab world of Americans will be acheived around 2006-2007. Once the US pulls out, Iraq will be cleansed of any US ways, and the demise of Israel will begin.

Upon this time, the shift in world military superpowers will begin.
The MEC will attack anyone who threatens arab nations.
by Mohammed February 16, 2005

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