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A car that is so extremely fast that it causes a rip in the space time continuum which in turn causes a resonate cascade scenario and all relative time stops in the car because of time dilation. Being able to afford one would require a wallet so large that the gravitation force from the wallet would cause the wallet to implode on itself and collapse into a black hole.
What the fuck was that flash that just went by?
by C-Dogg July 23, 2004
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The greatest car ever made, it's (still) the fastest production car ever. A beautifuly engineered McLaren body with a BMW M Power heart.
The McLaren F1 cost a million bucks, and it's definitly worth every cent of it.
by R1c0 Su4V3 February 16, 2004
A perfect car and mans all-time greatest achievement in the history of the universe. Driving one while drinking orange juice and listening to rock makes you the coolest human at that point in time in all of the world.
The McLaren F1 can rocket to one hundred miles per hour in 6.7 seconds.
by Cory the McLarenF1God January 10, 2004
Damn fast car, 627 bhp, 0-60 in 3.2 seconds, and top speed of 240 mph. But................It's not the fastest production car anymore, that spot now belongs to the Bugatti Veyron.
Rich Guy 1: My F1 tops off at 240, what about your Veyron?

Rich Guy 2: It gets to about 254, why?

Rich Guy 1:*Shoots Rich Guy 2, killing him.* What did you say it gets?
by SOAD1200 May 05, 2005
A car that's still worth more than you and your family.

And you don't know music, "Good Charlotte Fan"
Should I spend 1million dollars on a Mclaren F1? Or spend a buck on Good Charlotte Fan's family???
by l6i9l September 18, 2003
A super car that was the fastest in the world for a period of 12 years. Now has the title of fastest naturally aspirated car (no turbos or supers).

Still considered the ultimate road car by many people, and the best looking. There may be other cars faster (SSC Aero, Veyron) but somehow just aren't better.
If you have 1 million dollars the best thing you could possible do with it is buy a McLaren F1.

Most fun you can have with your pants on.
by iXetsuei January 15, 2009
Fast car... yup
1) good thing people are cool and don't try to argue points over
2)yeah! i have limes disease!
by gonads November 20, 2003
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