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A car that is so extremely fast that it causes a rip in the space time continuum which in turn causes a resonate cascade scenario and all relative time stops in the car because of time dilation. Being able to afford one would require a wallet so large that the gravitation force from the wallet would cause the wallet to implode on itself and collapse into a black hole.
What the fuck was that flash that just went by?
by C-Dogg July 23, 2004
Time that is spent face-to-face with someone, rather than communicating through a computer; an in-person meeting
Oh, yeah, I got some face time with him at the last trade show.
by c-Dogg June 26, 2003
cousin, cuz, someone who is close to you or your cousin,
used by gang members, known as the CRIPS they call each other "cuh"
ramin: ey waddap cuHHH
chris: AYE YO CUH, nm cuH chillin
ramin: that's tight cuH
chris: yea cuHHhhhHHHH
by C-dogg November 23, 2003

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