Someone who has seriously greasy hair
"yuck, look at that guys hair"
"his mcdermott is greasier than a mcdonalds kitchen!"
by xoxo29 February 18, 2010
Top Definition
When you have nowhere else to stay, so you live in a tree.
Stephanie had nowhere to stay while on an out of town trip, so she pulled a McDermott.
by Chrispy White June 15, 2014

1. A name of European Descent.

2.The name of anyone with a pair of blue jeans and white shirts.

3.Means Infidelity. Someone who has "cheating" in their genes. Though not all mcdermotts are like this most male mcdermotts are strong flirts and flirt ALOT.

4. Good tasting butter. :D
He's a McDermott.


Whats that on your toast?
by gabbagabbawoooosadkjasd September 13, 2009
1. Any ridiculously big headed person with a joe curl and lack of sense of direction.

2. When a guy watches 2 girls 1 cup and goes for the vasaline and tissues while listening to horse porn in the background and to top it off he then proceeds to finger himself in the bum.
1. MAN! That guy is a total McDermott!

2. See that guy over there? I heard he McDermotted last night.
by MadTazz May 03, 2008
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