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A word used to describe McDonald's.
"That hamburger just plain McSucks!"
by star8706 February 01, 2003
A sucky meal from McDonalds. Usually low quality, well, lower quality.
I had a double cheesburger and it was McSuck. I also got the splats from it.
by Blood_spartan September 07, 2007
it's just like "totally suck" except with a side of special sauce and pickles.
I'm not too shabby with musical arts, but I McSuck at drawing.
by The Gerl June 09, 2005
A broken man whose lot in life has repeatedly given him the most menial tasks imaginable.
Hey McSucks! Get up to the top of that smokestack and change the damn lightbulb!
by Tim February 06, 2004

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