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A sucky meal from McDonalds. Usually low quality, well, lower quality.
I had a double cheesburger and it was McSuck. I also got the splats from it.
by Blood_spartan September 07, 2007
When you order a 10 piece nugget meal and you get 11 nuggets, that is McBank right there.
Sweet beans! I got me an extra nugget! I'm Mcbanking today!Should I return it?
by Blood_spartan September 07, 2007
To climb up in the walls of a bathroom stall and poop from at least 4 feet above said stall. Accuracy isn't really encouraged.
The bros and I all went to micky d's to get a McGreavy and gravity slam.
by Blood_spartan September 07, 2007
The chicken Mcnugget Combo at Mcdonalds, gotta get the 10 piece or its a McSuck.
We went to Micky d's to grab a Mcgreavy and take a gravity slam
by Blood_spartan September 07, 2007

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