a honorary marine, aka a fake marine, full of shit fake bounty hunter, steroid poppin no dick working loser, a man that just tells bullshit all day long and believes it, can not tell left from right, very bad case of small man disease, wont amount to shit in life, and probably has one blue foot.
i am mclovin!!!
by jrod1166443 October 23, 2009
the most beast puppy soo cute i love that lil doggie
Jojo's dog is named Mclovin!
by Sarahlicious** February 12, 2009
Sounds like an Irish R&B singer
Irish guy 1:Top of the mornin to you!

Irish guy 2:I Drink guiness

McLovin: im an Irish R&B singer......i also drink guiness *Hic
by Mr Tambourine Man February 15, 2008
The act of sucking dick at fucking pussy.
Man, u really Mclovin
by FISHYISTHEBISHY December 20, 2008
A quickie. Usually quite juicy, requires little/no thought or preparation, not something you linger over and perfect when you don't have time for the full five courses.
1. I (She / He / We all) enjoy a little McLovin now and again.

2. Come on, we've got time. Let's get some McLovin.

3. Don't think you can give me any McLovin tonight. I want foreplay.

4. Sorry we're late, but we had to stop for a little McLovin.
by scrat November 21, 2007
is when you order a double cheeseburger and a chicken sandwich from mcdonalds and u split the double cheeseburger in half and stick the whole chicken sandwich in the middle including bread and enjoy
"Dman i just made a bomb ass mclovin"
by ducksizzle1 January 29, 2008
a sex act involving a big mac, frank's red hot sauce, and salad tongs.
baby, hit the drive thru on yer way home, i need some mclovin TONITE.
by the undying zombie July 10, 2008

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