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Nickname for someone who manages to order and consume a double McChicken burger at McDonalds.
Matty McT is totally McGod
#mcdonalds #mcchicken #burger #nickname #mcds
by chicky85 January 26, 2010
Everything one could possibly order at Mcdonalds between two buns.
Ted: "Man I'm hungry"
Tom:" Why don't you try and eat a McGod?"
Ted: "Are you crazy, only a god could handle that"
#food #mcdonalds #fastfood #mcdouble #mcgangbanger #mcgod #mc god
by Samiee13 February 21, 2010
Nickname created for purposes of playing Quake I over the internet. Designed to create fear in the eyes of the flag defenders, it was originally prefixed with the word mark but these days this is dropped.

McGod is not to be confused with MC God, this would then be an alias for a Rap Garage bad boy etc.
markmcgod or McGod
by McGod March 26, 2003
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