US undercover agency, headed by elite irishmen. Known to wear spectacles and dress in beige, these men elude even the trickiest of customers. They have no emotions and like pork chops.
Thon fella got away from me like McD.
Was Mc D out last night? How would I know, sure he barely knows himself.
by Mark McDermott October 26, 2007
MCD: Mega CD.
Overpriced CD based add-on for the sega megadrive/MD.
The first of many flops by sega.
I can't believe I spent my money on this piece of MCD.
by silk_cut_tabs April 16, 2004
acronym for "maa chod di". means awesome.
MCD yaar, great work.
by Poison(DJ) April 10, 2009
More Core Divison
"I bought a new MCD shirt the other day."
by Diego August 25, 2003
Head from a fat chick.
"I just got dome from a chick and it cost half as much"

"Dude you got McD"
by no1 really January 15, 2008

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