A pormanteau of "maybe" and "perhaps"; synonymous with both words.
Mayhaps I was mistaken, mayhaps not.
by curtis x meyer December 08, 2010
A combination of the words maybe and perhaps, used to reflect a possibility.
"Mayhap you should rethink that sentence?"

"Mayhap having dinner at 1am wasn't such a great idea ..."

"Mayhap I should dye my hair green?"
by Caghs April 16, 2009
An adverb by which the two words "maybe" and "perhaps" are combined.
"I think Ben is lying about all the ass he's getting"
"Mayhaps....but I guess we'll just have to ask him about it"
by jkres July 22, 2009
A cross between maybe and perhaps
'Mayhaps we should leave?' said Bob
by Eggz August 23, 2003
the word mayhaps derives from the two terms maybe and perhaps. It is often used to reply to a direct question, in which you are unsure of the response.
Josh: hey zach , wanna come hit this blunt?

Zach: mayhaps becasue my dad is picking me up soon

Lewis: yo man wanna chill today

Stevie: mayhaps im not sure what im doing yet
by zfrie March 29, 2010
A combination of Maybe and Perhaps. Used when is extremely unsure. Please see refrence to maybe and perhaps for more info on the combination.
Joe: When are you gonna do it?
Sally: Mayhaps tomorrow.
by Dylan December 27, 2004
The lesser of evil to the devils phrase "Perhaps". Derived from the wooden, midget, pirate, poet, puppet, teachers.
Man 1-"Snoogins?"
Man 2-"Mayhaps"
by Mightyted June 03, 2003

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