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The Rock Duo Consisting of one "Kyle Gass"(Acoustics) and one "Jack Black"(Vocals). They Pride Themselves On Being The Greatest Band In The World.
Tenacious D Is The Greatest Band In The World!!
by Mightyted April 07, 2003
Tightly Bound Together, Exceptionally tight.
Kobe is up against some Tenacious Defence tonight.
The Lips on that girl are Tenacious
by Mightyted April 07, 2003
A ripoff of the delicious snack made of 60% air. Twonkies cost less and are usually purchased by low income households.
"I admit it, that was no twinkie....
my mother buys twonkies!"
(goes off into a corner to cry)
by Mightyted June 08, 2003
When you deal directly with "The Lugz"
boy 1- Hey man what up?
boy 2- Just Lugzing man, you know how we do.
by Mightyted June 03, 2003
The lesser of evil to the devils phrase "Perhaps". Derived from the wooden, midget, pirate, poet, puppet, teachers.
Man 1-"Snoogins?"
Man 2-"Mayhaps"
by Mightyted June 03, 2003

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