Max is a great guy who might ignore you for a while but when he talks to you again, it'll make your day. You'll wonder how you came to know such an amazing, hot, and hilarious guy. Likes to be rebellious and listen to death metal.
Oh look at Max. He's ignoring me again.
Oh my gosh, Max finally talked to me again! He's so fantastic...
by Crikey! It's a Chicken! April 12, 2011
MAX: The all powerful creator of the universe. He/it molded our galaxy out of pure awesomeness with his/its bare hands. For him/it, ladies gather in masses just to be within of couple miles of his extraordinarily remarkable superbness. Sometimes modern language cannot even suffice! HE IS THE ἀλήθεια, THE ἄναξ, the list goes on..... basically max is the shit of all shits.

" Oh look! There in the sky! its MAX!"

" And once again the day is saved by MAX!"

" That sex was like MAX!!"
by oneundermax November 30, 2010
A super sexy guy who has a perfect personality and is super sweet. Never mean or rude but, is friends with some douches. He is somewhat quiet and does not like to be the center of attention. He is adored by girls because of his looks and his charm.
Girl: Who is that piece of perfection over there?
Guy: Oh that Max. He's a ladies choice.
by G-E-N-I-U-S December 25, 2012
The most amazing person ever, will stand up for what he believes and tends to be very defensive for others but doesnt care about himself enough. Tends to get on well with Catherine's, Sophie,s and Natasha's. Needs someone who will match him in arguments and who needs someone to care about them (usually for lack of care of themselves).
I would love to find a Max
by KKlepd January 07, 2012
Max is a person who talks loudly and excessively. He is always trying to get a large amount of people to laugh, which he usually fails at. However, he can be funny sometimes. He likes to make jokes about current events, especially. Max also sometimes "crosses the line". Max can be annoying sometimes and can blatantly disrespect other people. He is also very intelligent and logical (especially in science). Besides that, he has a lot of good taste for sitcoms and most music.
Person#1: Hey, check out that guy who's trying to make that large crowd laugh.

Person#2: Geez, he's probably a Max.
by jonsash January 19, 2011
Max is an english name - one that means your parents expect too much of you. Max is short for maximum, but you don't usually achieve this.
Max: but -
Max: Mum, i'm top of the class at everything.


(A typical day for Maxes)
by Mine Turtle June 19, 2013
They are the best people ever, sensitive and understanding yet funny and can make you smile...alot...usually like to make fun of siblings who are too loud at playing video games...crazy fun to talk to and are open minded..they will always listen to you and are good at giving advice....Most lovable people ever and will always help you when you are sad......bestest best friend ever <3
"Have you seen a Max lately?"

"No, there's no one like them here. D:"
by bagellover January 15, 2012

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