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A person who has achieved excellence at keeping things moist.
"Someone tell the Master Baster that the Dip Chicks need more moist."

My ballin-ass personal chef is a Master Baster.

My dumb cunt wife served me dry turkey. Next Thanksgiving I'm hiring a Master Baster--and maybe a dip set, as well.

by Ballin4DipChicks January 01, 2009
The sole sperm donor to a woman wishing to get pregnant many times. The babies are conceived through artificial insemination, sometimes nicknamed the turkey baster method.
The mother of the newborn octuplets claims that her babies and the six kids she already has (14 children in all) were all conceived by the master baster, and not different men.
by Dr. Claw February 09, 2009
One whom wields a Turkey Baster in order to create the perfect amount of meat moisture during Thanksgiving.
During Thanksgiving, Grandma dubbed me Master-Baster.
by The Irv November 28, 2010
master-baster - a lesbian profficient impregnating a female with a turkey baster
After years of training kerrie finally graduated as a master-baster
by TammyGail February 14, 2008

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