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A television show from the 70's, that was good in it's first 3 or four seasons, but when they traded Trapper for BJ, and when Alan Alda, who played hawkeye on the show, got behind the camera and directed and wrote. It was about a Mobile Army Surgical Hospital in the korean war. It was also a comedy. Before it was a television show it was a movie directed by Robert Altman, a really good director.
I sat around all day wishing I had a job watching mash. I also wish Hotlips would take off her clothes.
by Andrew Callaway December 02, 2003
To ride a bicycle furiously through traffic without any disregard for cars, traffic lights, pedestrians, stop signs, or the fucking man.
Hey let's go mash through venice beach and show those beach cruisers how to actually ride a bike right.

by Mr. UCSD August 03, 2008
also known in accent as marsh. meaning to have sex
blud are u guna mash her?
by rude_gyal2006 January 11, 2006
Has multi definitions
1) -military- Mobile Army Surgical Hospital. Also TV show of same name.

2) -drugs- To smoke yourself into a state of near unconciousness

3) -UK Slang- Mashed potato's

4) -Urban street slang- To destroy, mangle, wreck.
1) He served in a mash unit in Korea

2) Tonight I'm gonna get mashed

3) 'Give us a bash at the bangers and mash like me mother used to make' (old music hall song)

4) He dissed me so I mash him up bad.
by black flag June 20, 2004
This is the terminology used for someone to give use for a gun.
Draw for the gun
by $HIF7AR May 25, 2005
Mash means to have sex
i wanna mash tonight
by Zainah January 04, 2006

A popular kids' game where by picking 5 boy/girls' names, 5 cars, 5 car colors, 5 jobs, 5 locations, 5 different numbers of kids, and your "favorite number." Under all these lists you put Mansion, Apartment, Shack, House. Count with your "favorite number," marking off an item as you hit that number, until one of each list is left. You should have your husband/wife, # of kids, car, car color, job, location, and type of house you live in. Purely entertainment of course.
Guy 1:"Dude I played M.A.S.H. last night!!!"
Guy 2:"You're like what....15? A little old for that aren't you???"
by Flamescream January 28, 2006
To hit on someone or fool around with them. Synonomous with mack
He was mashing on that chick so bad.

We WILL mash
by JKix May 17, 2005