adjective: often representing the excitement, euphoria, and adrenaline one experiences riding a fixed gear bicycle on the road after they see an intensely congested street of automobiles, buses, other cyclists, etc.

Holy shit, did you see the cars on Culver Drive?

Naw, why?

I posted up and mashed through them!
by HED3 February 10, 2009
mash is a 70's comedy about surgeons and army personal serving in the korean war.
it shows how they cope and deal with the hardship and tradgey of war.
mash is the best historical comedy and also radar is pretty cute!!!!!!!!
by radar fan February 07, 2004
Make out

Used extensively at University of Illinois and probably other college campuses.
I mashed with that girl from the party
by illini33 June 21, 2004
A machine gun/fully automatic firearm of some sort
I drew for da mash and riddled dem bwoys car wid bullets
by Caruthers July 17, 2005
1. n. mashed potatoes
2. v. to hit forcefully, smash
3. v. to extract maltose from grain in preparation for making beer
4. v. to engage in sexual foreplay or heavy petting (used on college campuses throughout the US)
1. Love that garlic mash!
2. I mashed my balls on the diving board when I slipped.
3. I prefer mashing to using malt extract when I make my homebrew.
4. After you left the party, I ended up mashing with that chick from my Chemistry class.
by Krazee Eyez Killa June 09, 2004
The term used to describe riding in/with the traffic of a busy street very quickly on a bicycle. A verb that usually consists of many other verbs, such as riding, biking, cursing, yelling, swurving, giving the middle finger, speeding etc.
Lets MASH down Broadway, im in the mood to yell.
by Niglet12345 April 21, 2009
To operate a vehicle recklessly at high speeds; to smash in a vehicle or on foot
Jump in the ride and mash out.

Hop in le ridezor and mash.
by MechanicalTimi & Valentine June 22, 2005
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