To press or click on a button on the Internet. Redneck slang from South Georgia.
Bubba said I need to mash dat buddon to get that there internet to work.
by BillyBob April 03, 2005
To excessively make-out with somebody.
1)Ryan: Sorry, Emily and Kevin we are splitting you up at the table so you don't mash during dinner.

2) Seth: Will you two stop mashing and actually help me on this project?!
Kevin: We weren't mashing we were just....okay yeah we totally just mashed!
by anthorox June 20, 2010
"Man - gash" a.k.a. the male version of the slang word "gash" in reference to somebody you are "on"

Used primarily amongst UK youths, usually ironically
"Is Sophie going to the party tonight?"

"Sorry mate, I think she's coming with her mash"
by Littlun November 15, 2009
Means The Male Version Of Gash
Cant Wait To Get On The Town Tonight
Get Some Mash!
by Arnold 91 March 27, 2008
a gat, a burner, pistol
lemme grab my mash and dump lead in dem boy
by Gage211 December 31, 2007
the state of being in big trouble without excuses left

adj. (-ed)
in big trouble without excuse
Jacki was a mash after Kee walked in on her and Herm.

Gigi knew she was a mashed gal when the cop pulled her over.
by galcoolest July 16, 2005
A television show from the 70's, that was good in it's first 3 or four seasons, but when they traded Trapper for BJ, and when Alan Alda, who played hawkeye on the show, got behind the camera and directed and wrote. It was about a Mobile Army Surgical Hospital in the korean war. It was also a comedy. Before it was a television show it was a movie directed by Robert Altman, a really good director.
I sat around all day wishing I had a job watching mash. I also wish Hotlips would take off her clothes.
by Andrew Callaway December 02, 2003

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