Means The Male Version Of Gash
Cant Wait To Get On The Town Tonight
Get Some Mash!
by Arnold 91 March 27, 2008
Top Definition
To ride a bicycle furiously through traffic without any disregard for cars, traffic lights, pedestrians, stop signs, or the fucking man.
Hey let's go mash through venice beach and show those beach cruisers how to actually ride a bike right.

by Mr. UCSD August 03, 2008
This is the terminology used for someone to give use for a gun.
Draw for the gun
by $HIF7AR May 25, 2005
also known in accent as marsh. meaning to have sex
blud are u guna mash her?
by rude_gyal2006 January 11, 2006
Mash means to have sex
i wanna mash tonight
by Zainah January 04, 2006

A popular kids' game where by picking 5 boy/girls' names, 5 cars, 5 car colors, 5 jobs, 5 locations, 5 different numbers of kids, and your "favorite number." Under all these lists you put Mansion, Apartment, Shack, House. Count with your "favorite number," marking off an item as you hit that number, until one of each list is left. You should have your husband/wife, # of kids, car, car color, job, location, and type of house you live in. Purely entertainment of course.
Guy 1:"Dude I played M.A.S.H. last night!!!"
Guy 2:"You're like what....15? A little old for that aren't you???"
by Flamescream January 28, 2006
1)Mobile Army Surgical Hospital.
2)One of the best shows to ever grace the television screen.
He joined a MASH unit to be like the people in MASH.
by 9 March 10, 2004
adjective: often representing the excitement, euphoria, and adrenaline one experiences riding a fixed gear bicycle on the road after they see an intensely congested street of automobiles, buses, other cyclists, etc.

Holy shit, did you see the cars on Culver Drive?

Naw, why?

I posted up and mashed through them!
by HED3 February 10, 2009

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