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A terribly underrated masterpiece of a video game released in 2001 by an in-house Sony development team in Japan. Although it receieved great reviews, it sold terrible because it was not A: Halo, B: Grand Theft Auto, C: Final Fantasy, and D: Did not have any firearms in it and did not appeal to the general gaming population.
Person A: Hey man, what's your favorite game?

Person B: Ico.

Person A: What the fuck is that?

Person B: A very artsy and fun game with great graphics, music, and gameplay.

Person A: Can you run over whores in it?
by BGE May 22, 2005

The main character of the Half Life video game series. He has a PhD in Theoretical Physics, wears thick glasses and can kick your and anyone elses ass without so much as breaking a sweat. He never talks, and doesn't need to, because he lets the high-caliber bullets careening into your chest do the talking for him.

After his first outing in HL1, Dr. Freeman had to escort and save a hot piece of ass named Alyx Vance, and also save the world and all that shit.

Dr. Freeman is the epitome of badassery. He is the perfect example of an awesome fictional character. He is Gordon Freeman. He will kick your ass.
Holy shit guy, it's Gordon Freeman! There's waaay too much badassness in this fuckin' room man! (explodes)
by BGE May 23, 2005

A once great Japanese comic artists who's earlier works provided tons of entertainment punctuated by excellent artwork, action scenes, great stories and dialogue, and the coolest covers ever conceived.

Unfortunately, Shirow has pretty much used up all his ideas since his debut in the early 80's, so now he spends his time using his amazing art skills to draw the most bizarre hentai (anime pr0n) imaginable. They contain a high amount of glossy naked women with small butts being raped by an electrical tentacle beasts or other big breasted, small butt'd women.
Hey man, Masamune Shirow used to kick ass!


Dude, there's fuckin' electrical hentai monsters in this shit! I've been Shirow'd!


No! Don't pick up that comic! Shirow drew it!
by BGE May 22, 2005

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