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The sweetest girl ever!
Very funny and very smart!
Dark red hair and a lovely smile!
She hates it when people piss her friends off
So watch out, motherf*cker because she'll tell
you where to go!
Very creative and artistic!
Everybody loves Portia!
Everybody is Portia's friend!
If you're not, then you're weird!
"That girl is so fly. She's the bestest"
"She must be Portia!"
by annonymousdoooood October 15, 2011
The most kindest guy you will ever meet. He has blonde hair and is gay but he's proud of it. He is always there to help you and will look out for you. He's funny and never at all mean Martyn will always be there for you.
"I'm so upset!"
"Aww, don't worry! Martyn will cheer you up!"
"You're right! I love Martyn!"
by annonymousdoooood October 15, 2011

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