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MARLYN: (noun,verb)
-Female of human species, Angel moralized, the only living species of Sexy Sapien, Highly appealing or interesting; attractive, Highly developed in Sense of Fashion, Kissable and huggable, capable of ground breaking Kisses , Smart, Trustworthy, honest, loyal, unique in everyway, very loving, and perfect future spouse.

-synonyms; Sexy, Sweet, Sassy, Smart
Guy1: (whistles) "Hey Girl Whatz yo name? Im goana buy you thangs.."

Girl: Looks and walks away

Guy1: "What just happened?"

Guy2: "Dude thats a Marlyn..Try a different approach man!! Watch this.."

Guy2: "Hey pretty lady you look like my future wifey..mind if we trade?..I give you my heart for a date?"

Girl: "Aww.. cute, (she Smiles) well My names Marlyn yours?"

Guy1: "F#ck I never win Nothing!'"
by HotStar November 21, 2010
Beautiful girl. Wife material. will give her all for the ones she loves. a goddess when it comes to sex. face of an angel. a natural born poet. a one-man kind of woman.
Did you see marlyn last night, i was so amazed by her beauty i forgot to blink and my girlfriend broke up with me.
by wiseonee11 October 26, 2010
It is normally a girl name. Marlyn is a beautiful girl you'll ever find. She'll always be by your side she'll love you forever, but if u just don't talk to her anymore she won't talk to you. Marlyn is naturally short with long hair. She's always gonna love you if you love her. She's also really hyper and sweet. (Her body is sexy asf)
Marlyn, I've loved you since the day I met you
by Gabriela aneston February 04, 2015
A slutty bitch that has an ugly face that likes to get nutted on after being fucked reverse cow girl.
Hey bro did you hear marlyn got a fuckin std?

STFU! well she had it "cumming" to her, get it?


haha i fucked her many times, ima go get checked
by Wisemanosaba April 05, 2010
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