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MARLYN: (noun,verb)
-Female of human species, Angel moralized, the only living species of Sexy Sapien, Highly appealing or interesting; attractive, Highly developed in Sense of Fashion, Kissable and huggable, capable of ground breaking Kisses , Smart, Trustworthy, honest, loyal, unique in everyway, very loving, and perfect future spouse.

-synonyms; Sexy, Sweet, Sassy, Smart
Guy1: (whistles) "Hey Girl Whatz yo name? Im goana buy you thangs.."

Girl: Looks and walks away

Guy1: "What just happened?"

Guy2: "Dude thats a Marlyn..Try a different approach man!! Watch this.."

Guy2: "Hey pretty lady you look like my future wifey..mind if we trade?..I give you my heart for a date?"

Girl: "Aww.. cute, (she Smiles) well My names Marlyn yours?"

Guy1: "F#ck I never win Nothing!'"
by HotStar November 21, 2010
Beautiful girl. Wife material. will give her all for the ones she loves. a goddess when it comes to sex. face of an angel. a natural born poet. a one-man kind of woman.
Did you see marlyn last night, i was so amazed by her beauty i forgot to blink and my girlfriend broke up with me.
by wiseonee11 October 26, 2010
A slutty bitch that has an ugly face that likes to get nutted on after being fucked reverse cow girl.
Hey bro did you hear marlyn got a fuckin std?

STFU! well she had it "cumming" to her, get it?


haha i fucked her many times, ima go get checked
by Wisemanosaba April 05, 2010