In Kurdish MAR means both snake and marriage.

LOES is an informal second-person singular present subjunctive form of loar. Witch means to praise.

This makes MARLOES urban for a woman who praises for a Kurdich wedding, concealed with a snake-decorated ring.
That girl so wants to be a Marloes!

(a girl who wants to be a kurdish bride)
#kurdish #bride #snake #marriage #admired
by Titatess February 04, 2010
Top Definition
a Marlo is always smiling, faithful, thoughtful and always up for drinking. you know if a Marlo is pissed off if he/she is extremly quite. Marlo gets along with everyone and though may not enjoy attention, gets alot of it.
a Marlo is a lady on the street, but a freak in the sheets.
that girl looks fridged, but i bet she's a Marlo.
i want to date a Marlo.
#fridged #marlo #attention #lady #freak
by some fat bloke July 03, 2009
mysterious, thoughtful, intelligent, full of animation and spirit.
Who is that awesome girl? Must be a Marlo.
#full of mystery #vivacious #caring #smart #loving
by Jefferson Height February 04, 2010
The most loved girl out there. She`s absolutly gorgeous and when you get her alone , you can never be bored. Curvy,funny sexy surprisingly smart. Marlo get upset very rarly and cracks jokes every second. Gets alot of attention from guys . She will be very succesful in life.Its a blessing to be friends with a Marlo.
Ex; Damn , i wish i can have Marlo
Ex; I know i can go tell Marlo
#sexy #funny #crazy #boobs #loving
by Matt Mitroine August 18, 2011
This person is fun to be around, game freak, and always makes you smile! But he could be a stubborn, stupid boy who is not really a good sibling but in the end he is kind and caring.

He's name is very special! It must be given to the strong and the noble. But again, is very stubborn when comes to food, work or homework.

If you have a Marlos in your life, you maybe lucky if he likes you! He only chooses the one who is them and not anybody else. Get him before it's too late!!
"Marlos is the best person I have ever met!!"
#marlos #mars #mar #marlee #maros #marlo
by AwesomeZadie:) November 26, 2011
Marloes comes from the french of Marie - Louise, It was a double name often used in the upper classes of society.
Her name is Marloes
#marloes #marie #louise #marielouise #marlouse
by Pompelmoes April 21, 2011
Fat and Slow. Adored by many woman for his sense of humor and large ball sack.
I saw a Marlo walking down the street.

It was hard to have sex with him because he was so Marlo.
#fat #slow #funny #loveable #teddy bear #husky
by Tam and Ton January 09, 2008
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