Mark. A mark is a creature found in the wild terranes of a high school. Scary I know. He is the type of person you see and suddennly you want to run. Running away from the mark's call (typically heard as horrible jokes) is the best idea. This creature is hard to handle and usually once met your not able to stop the annoyingness of this creature.
person 1: its a mark
person2: oh no hes gonna talk in a creepy spanish vioce and sing "barnicle bill the sailor"
mark: muahahahahaha
by TheMarkSecurityDeparetment January 09, 2012
a victim, the target of criminal activity such as theft or murder
He was afraid he was a mark, but had nothing of value to steal.
by The Return of Light Joker October 20, 2010
1) a smudge that could be made up of different substances (dirt, paint, lipstick) that is usually unintentionally inflicted on an object or person.

2) a boy with low self esteem. he attempts to gain girl's attention through bold moves and tempting texts, but in reality he has no swagga and this shows in his lack of commitment and creativity.

3) a word used when cautioning.
1) Kathleen glared at Joe and spat "so you haven't been making out with Cathleen?" He frowned and replied "NO! you know that!" She gave him a condescending look. "The only thing i know is you have a hot pink lipstick mark on your cheek and Cathleen was wearing pink lipstick."

2) Girl 1: Hey, mark is kind of cute!

Girl 2: Yeah, but have you ever talked to him?
Girl 1: No...but i would like to.

Girl 2: Don't bother. You are more likely to have a better time with that flagpole.
Girl 1: *goes over to flagpole* So, you single?

3) Girl #1: Wow, look! That pot doesn't seem that dangerous!
Girl #2: I suggest not smoking that. Mark my words, you will look as stoned as that odd guy Mark over there.

Girl #1: Really? that nice stranger in the car told me it was ok...
by There's a mark on my shoe! March 31, 2010
Mark- (adjective)- Fag, Fagstain, Fagwhale. Also known as FAG BAG!!
Example- Gosh! Your such a mark! Get outta the closet already!!
by Becca10571 December 28, 2010
a giant tool douche loser who doesn't know his place in society and is a in the closet homosexual who can't get any girls and try's to play off heterosexuality by looking at ugly girls. he has no friends and is considered a loser by all his peers. a mark has few to no friends at all and will be ridiculed by everyone and take it as a sign of them liking them. he keeps everything inside and will probably kill everyone who ever made fun of him.
hey look its mark what a loser that kid is
by mark the fagget shark October 20, 2010
The most unattractive name in the human language. Known for his small penis and homosexuality. Most Marks think they are smart but really they are complete dumbasses. Often the center of ridicule and abuse.
Look at that Mark!!

I know even his name sounds homo!
by I h8 marks May 04, 2011
a jerk who lies & cheats on people. such a loser that people talk shit about him. a desperate child molesting jerk! who can only get it on, if you know what i mean, with little girls & boys.
M: he looks like jackie chan

T: little 4 inches
M: oh thats mark...
by dont mess with me bitch March 30, 2011

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