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a jerk who lies & cheats on people. such a loser that people talk shit about him. a desperate child molesting jerk! who can only get it on, if you know what i mean, with little girls & boys.
M: he looks like jackie chan

T: little 4 inches
M: oh thats mark...
by dont mess with me bitch March 30, 2011
Nigger. Doesn't always have to be a black person, they just have natural nigger tendencies.
Quit acting like a Mark, start acting like a white person should.
by Jorge Flores August 03, 2010
If You Cant Feed Them!??,..Please Dont Breed Them!!!
i`m mark from Pa, and im down to earth guy who likes do adventureing things!

love to make ppl laugh and play cool fun jokes!
by mark radell February 04, 2010
Mark - Generally your classic school nerd. He's into science fiction. Mark is always nice to everyone despite the fact that people don't always return the favor 100%. He is the kid that needs to stick up for himself
"Hey did you see that Star Wars shirt that Mark was wearing today??"
by warisover April 29, 2009
Mark is a total loser and has no life, only plays soccer, hes just such a loser and everything on here is a lie.. JUST SAYIN.

Also a major dork. :)
I'm talking to a Mark right now.
by Sinshasa April 01, 2010
To be used when someone doesn't give a fuck about you; to be ignored.
Boy A : Today's really tiring.
Boy B : Yeahh, my school ends at 5 o'clock. Damn!
Boy A : Hahaha that's sad! Mine's at 2!
Boy C : Hey guys my guitar cost 2.4k.
Boy B : Yeahh, that's sad. Good for you...
Boy C : Hey! Don't mark me please!
by Googoodollsssss July 20, 2009
.a twat
.a big twat
.a bigger twat
.a massive twat
you are a mark
you are such a mark
god he is doing a mark again
by tommy boii November 17, 2008