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a type of fruit only found on Davidson St.

also. see fruit, fruitcake
Scott: Whos that over there?
Brad: Oh, thats Mark
Scott: What a Fruit!
by GreenPlaya August 10, 2008
a person who operates by the books . a stooge someone who is pathetic in their attempts to authentic
john doesnt understand me . cuz he a mark .
by sylvester b . VA December 25, 2009
A douche bag who could care less about anyone but himself.
Loves to lie to girl's faces and fuck them for his own pleasure. Never trust a mark, all they do is mess with your head and feelings.
You could never find true love with them and if you do watch out, they might stab you in the back.
Jessica - I love youuuu <3
Mark - Fuck you bitch
by Anna Sahno March 01, 2009
Looked down upon in society, especailly by those in the working class, a typical Mark is an A level reject, alcoholic, chain smoking wierdo. Such a person is extremely loud and it's more than a miricle that any level of productivity is achieved.

A normal Mark is unmotivated, avoids work where ever possible, lacks cash, enjoys playing cards during dinner breaks and spends many hours in the pub.
Mark - 'Any chance I can borrow a fag?'

A level student - 'Oi, BTEC, get your own fags you loser'

by The Greatest Jafar February 04, 2009
an annoying brother who never shuts the fuck up. Often eats ice cream cones with peanut butter and chocolate on it and look like he is pregnant. he's just fat. also loves playing with barbies, drinking sprit on a regular basis and annoying the hell out f anything and everyone by calling them numerous times.
my bestfriend was being a douche, i nicely screamed at him to stop be a MARK.
by markyparky December 28, 2009
Generally fat, and greasy. Is a player, and think's he is inlove with everyone, but he doesnt know what true love is. He is dishonest, and uses people. He treats people badly. Not all Mark's are like this, however.
1- is that mark :O? 2- yes, he has greasy hair. 1- wow, he would be so much nicer if he washed his hair! 2- yes, definitely.
by kezaaa666 May 28, 2009
Creepy creepy little sad man that wants to get with overweight women and women that are taken. One that has no life and is WEIRD. Pervert that wears sweats to class.
"Look at that guy over there."
" Ew, he is creepy, sitting there in sweats, looking at porn in class!"
"He is sooo a Mark!"
by Such A Bitch February 02, 2010