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Mario Kart is a racing game series made by Nintendo, featuring characters from many games starring Mario and his friends. The Mario Kart games are known for their madcap action with unique racing courses and the use of items to sabotage opponents.

Games in the series:
Super Mario Kart (Super Nintendo Entertainment System): The first game in the series revolutionized racing with it unique game play, use of items and two-player mode.
Mario Kart 64 (Nintendo 64): The sequel to Super Mario Kart, it featured amazing graphics and all new courses, plus being able to play with up to four players.
Mario Kart Super Circuit (Game Boy Advance): Going back to the semi-3D days of Super Mario Kart, this game combines the best of both the first two Mario Kart games with new tracks and classic gameplay. This game even has all of the Super Mario Kart tracks available for play as unlockables.
Mario Kart Double Dash!! (Nintendo Gamecube): One of the more insane games in the series, this one changed things over entirely with each kart being driven by two characters, which could be swapped during a race. This also featured the ability to pick from multiple vehicles as opposed to being limited to racing in tiny Go-Karts.
Mario Kart DS (Nintendo DS): The latest game in the series is one of the first to include free online play via Nintendo WiFi Connection. There were multiple karts for each driver, and the game also includes tracks from the previous Mario Kart games.
Hey, who's up for a game of Mario Kart?
by Lem_Gambino January 01, 2006
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A drunk college student's favorite pastime.
Aww fuck...I'm drunk, it's 1AM. Let's play Mario Kart.
by sublym0nal August 29, 2007
Verb. To leave a banana, or other obstacle or trap, in another's path to cause them harm or delay. Can be used outside the context of the classic nintendo racing series.
Did you see Jim let go of that tree branch in front of Bob? He totally Mario Karted that guy.
by oopete19 February 11, 2007
A videogame created by Nintendo to realistically simulate what driving is like in Italy.
Italian Driver: "It's a-like Mario Kart onna these streets!"
by AnonymousDictionarist February 01, 2016
When you're in a hurry to get somewhere so you cut corners and weave through traffic without signaling to get there a bit faster while being a total asshole.

Can also apply to walking - going off of paved walkways, stepping over the grass and through bushes, weaving through people like traffic and not giving a shit if you bump into people's shoulders or step on flowers.
Dude #1: Fuuu, we're going to be late and there's an exam today.

Dude #2: Nah we'll be fine, I'm gunna mariokart this shit. Fasten yo seatbelt.

Example 2 -

Dude #1: Man, your pants are all cut up and shit. Looks like you're bleeding, wtf happened?

Dude #2: I was gunna be late so I had to mariokart through some bushes and tripped.
by Phanick January 31, 2016
The term used for smoking the bud of the cannabis sativa plant when you don't want anyone around you to know what your talking about.
guy: Dude, tonight we are definitely playing some Mario kart back at my place.

other guy: Awesome dude... Ill go pick up snacks...
by Dr. Large Penis April 30, 2012
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