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A guy who likes other guys or cries for everything.
Hey Maricón you forgot your purse!

Bush Maricón!!!
by Daniel Casas July 13, 2006
Spanish- literal translation "sissy" - english equivalent of "pussy"
* this is the anglicized version of maricono/maricona
"Maricon!" ("You pussy")
by farged November 21, 2007
spanish an effiminate, swishy, limp wristed gay
you are a maricon
by C.O. Jones April 08, 2004
A gay person.
Yo so un Maricoooooooooon.
by Joe Kick ass December 02, 2003
Passive or "bottom" homosexual. Fr. Spanish.
Yo no soy mari . . . soy capitan, soy capitan
by cornholio October 14, 2003