Maria is usually a hispanic girl. She is a dreamer, and she is very passionate. Although, sometimes she can be really lazy and carefree.Marias are shy in the beginning, but once you open up to them, they will love to open up to you! Marias are very strong about their opinions, and they cant stand it if you dont listen to their side of the story.
Most of the time, Marias are amazing at drawing. Marias love to laugh, crack jokes, and have fun, enjoy life
How to make friends with a Maria: When you first meet her, talk about your intrests and hobbies, this will help you allot. Let her express her opinions, and express yours al well. DO NOT GET ANGRY OR FRUSTRATED IF SHE DOSENT AGREE WITH SOME OF YOUR OPINIONS, OR MIND YOU, THIS IS A 1 WAY TICKET TO MARIA'S BAD SIDE! After she likes you enough, just keep discussing things with her, Marias love new conversations! Bonus: Add her on Facebook and share songs with her. She'll like that.
Additional Info: Marias have a slight temper against the following people: Jerks, Bullies, Snobs, Hypocrites, Cry-Babies, and annoying people.
I had the most engaging conversation of my life with Maria.
by Personalityologist. July 07, 2011
The most amazing example of a person ever. The most beautiful girl in the world! She's beautiful, funny and perfect in every way possible. Everyone wishes they had a Maria. I have a Maria. She is everything to me.
*Maria walks past*

By-stander 1 - Wow! Look at that perfectly beautiful lady walking past.. I would do anything for her.. I wish she could be mine..

By-stander 2 - Oh she is.. She's such a Maria
by M Brom August 22, 2009
Maria is a girl that isn't afraid to tell you that she loves you. The minute you meet her, she takes your heart. Her beauty has this way of stunning you every time you see her. She makes you the happiest guy in the world, and you can't stop loving her. If you ever lose a Maria, you will regret it for the rest of your life. Maria is someone to cherish while you have her. She will always love to joke around with you, and be near you. You can never stop loving a Maria. I love my Maria, and will never quit.
I love my Maria, and will never let her go.
by Adventure!!!!!! December 24, 2012
Shes hilarious,and beautiful,he is random and funny in everyway she loves unicorns and ninjas and dinosaurs..dont forget vampires..she is an amazing girl that has a nice heart and cares about others.
"maria is so nice!"
by nerdforeverr March 02, 2010
aka the epitome of grace and beauty, with a walk like Shakira and eyes like the sunset in African savannah. She loves sweet stuff and cries over animals. Also super super nice sometimes even waiting hours or baking cookies to make you feel better and hang out just because!!
I'm going to take out Maria one day and my life will be complete
by Vibrator June 27, 2013
a wonderful person, she comes across as a lion and a bit frightening but she is a loyal lion once she becomes your friend. she will stand up against any one for you, go any where, get into to trouble with you. she has to most unique, beautiful personality, she is amazing at every subject including Latin!!! she never realises her amazing skills inside the classroom and as a friend. she will listen while still keeping her veiw on thing. she is hard to beat in a debate, so be warned! :)
person: help!
maria: well tell me your problem
person: well...
maria: it sounds like you should..
by teaorcoffey July 05, 2013
Maria. One name that can change your life forever. A Maria, is kind sweet and amazing. You think about her every time you wake up, and when you go to sleep she stays in your dreams. She so delicate, you won't ever want to hurt her. But I have, yet she still treats me right. She forgives and loves. Maria is the true defintion of love. She makes me fall in love every time I talk to her. Although she doesn't want to fall for me, at times it seems like we have the moments where she really loves me. She is truly an amazing person and I wish one day I can have her heart again.
Maria is an amazing person.
by Stillinlovewithher February 23, 2014

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