A Latin word meaning sea of bitterness although most marias have beautiful faces carved by angels. Marias are not bitter though. Most are witty and funny. Usually a beautiful woman with a kind heart. Many songs written about Marias: I Feel Pretty, Maria!, Dear Maria Count Me In, Climb Every Mountain, How Do You Solve A Problem Like Maria, and more. Marias are fun loving and easy going. Gorgeous and hilarious women. A character from West Side Story and The Sound of Music. Amazing girls.
"Maria is the absolute most perfect person that has ever set foot on Earth. I love her," said one of the many Maria lovers who was overjoyed by her gorgeousness.
by UrbanDictator321 June 05, 2009
Top Definition
The most sexy girl you will ever meet, known to blow the minds of many men. Extremely talented and beautiful, eyes cut from stars.
The song. "Maria.. I just met a girl named Maria."
by Juddddee December 02, 2007
one who is amazingly talented, beautiful and intelligent; also has a sexy ass.
Maria is amazing at drawing.
by Stewart Tran July 14, 2006
Maria is one of the most caring people you will ever come across. She is extremely beautiful and is very easy to fall in love with. Her face is carved by angels, words can't begin to describe how perfect she is. She denies that she is anything of the sort however. Marias are usually talented and can bring joy and happiness to everyone. They are very witty and known for doing their best to put others before themselves. Men easily fall in love with Maria, and it takes an extremely long time for them to fall out of love when it comes to her.

Her eyes are like stars, once you look into them, you can't draw away from them. Her smile makes you melt, and her personality is by far one of the best. It's almost impossible to hate her. Her heart is pure and she'll never hurt you.
Girl#1: I wish I was like Maria, she is the best!
Girl#2: Everyone wishes they were her
by sweet-dreams-young one November 27, 2011
The most amazing girl in the universe. There is no one like her. One of a Kind. Beauty with Brains.
The girl I am talking to on msn is Maria.
by Asad2009 January 08, 2009
A girl, who is renowed for her ability to drive you mad, but also bring you joy at the same time. Also will refuse to accept how beautiful she actually is. Sexy, cute and Nice, all wrapped in one package
How do you solve a problem like Maria? (song)
by shufty May 01, 2009
A girl who is naturally more amazing than any other girl. She can give the most masculine of men butterflies, and doesn't even have to try. The stars in her eyes could light up the sky, and put the sun to shame. A girl who is so beautiful that words don't seem fit do describe it.
Maria is by far the best thing that has ever happened to me.
by Greggykins September 23, 2012
one who is amazingly talented, beautiful and intelligent; also has a sexy ass.
Maria is amazing at drawing.
by Stewart Treno July 13, 2006
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