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Name given to girls who love to have fun.Maria loves to chat with friends and makes evereyone happy.Shes very creative and artistic.no one else is like her and having her as your friend will be the best thing you'll ever have.And she's always cute.
by wtf taco wtf November 29, 2009
Usually a hispanic or italian woman. very beautiful and sexy. usually dark hair and eyes. sometimes shy, but once you know her she will really talk. spends most time with family, but hangs out with friends whenever she gets the chance. She is also very talented. usually can sing or play an instrument very well, and is artistic.
dude 1: Have you seen that girl over there? she's pretty and really nice.

dude 2: Yeah, she's a total Maria!
by sunkenheart<3 May 12, 2010
A Latin word meaning sea of bitterness although most marias have beautiful faces carved by angels. Marias are not bitter though. Most are witty and funny. Usually a beautiful woman with a kind heart. Many songs written about Marias: I Feel Pretty, Maria!, Dear Maria Count Me In, Climb Every Mountain, How Do You Solve A Problem Like Maria, and more. Marias are fun loving and easy going. Gorgeous and hilarious women. A character from West Side Story and The Sound of Music. Amazing girls.
"Maria is the absolute most perfect person that has ever set foot on Earth. I love her," said one of the many Maria lovers who was overjoyed by her gorgeousness.
by UrbanDictator321 June 05, 2009
The most beautiful girl in the world. the term "greatest" doesn't even describe her enough because she is beyond it. she has the beauty and the brains. the nicest, the sweetest, also funny and kind. There is no one else in the world like her. Shes truly 1 in 8 billion. She deserves the best. <3
maria is the prettiest girl in the world.
by errolbradleygreen September 27, 2009
only the bestest girl in the whole entire universe. has the quality of being supa cool.
i wish i was more like maria.
by Hunnuh! April 09, 2007
the one and only girl i plan to spend the rest of my life and the one that is AWESOME at art
maria + jason = love forever
by jason jeil June 03, 2009
the hottest girl you will meet. usally very talented and beautiful. also the has a very sexy ass
wow... that girl is totally a maria
by scooterdom December 24, 2008