1. The most important organization. Ever.

2. I higher form of homo sapiens sapiens due to their extreme coordination, reflexes, memory, strength, and endurance prowesses. Except for woodwinds.

3. The one thing that will take up every free moment of your life through summer and fall.
What's the Football team doing on the marching band field?

Can't go to the movie tonigh, I've got Marching Band.
by Tobin August 15, 2003
The coolest thing ever - It's very hard, but it's so much fun and worth it
"Band Ten' Hut (BOOM)......Band Horns Up (AND UP)......Mark Time Mark Lift Left - Left - Left Right Left -- Left - Left - Left Right Left......Forward March And......
by Anonymous September 16, 2003
its you social life and when the season is over u have to find things to do its also....the coolest sport u could ever imagine to be in......which ppl rarely ever pay attention to which just shows us that half the ppl cant even handle the hard work we put into it... if ur not in marching band u couldnt last one day on the field
Hey sally can you come over this weekend? oh i'm sorry i have marching band followed by a show
dude look at the jocks i think they are going to pass out
by bob May 27, 2004
The best gosh darn time of your life. we play music and have visuals all set up on the field. it takes a lot of hard work and most of the summer. but hey who cares i have fun! (like the marching band i'm in always says) SHAKATA!!!
(thats sha-kuh-tuh)
usually performed at halftime of a football game (the BAND not poms or cheerleaders)
by Meg December 09, 2003
here's one way of saying it

The fun and only way to really take up your summer and enjoy it at the same time. need I say more?
8 hour practices for two weeks minimum in the summer before school starts
by crash December 19, 2003
The only place in the world where the phrase "one more time" means "two to five more times."
All right, take it back to Set Zero and run it one more time.

Marching band is awesome.
by trumpet god September 14, 2008
The single most awesome thing in the high school world. NEVER date a girl from marching band because they are all connected to each other, and you don't have a chance with more than one.
Marching band is so so damn good.
by Hanz, but not franz June 01, 2005
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