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1. The most awesome sport on the planet...and NOBODY can deny it's a sport. We work so much harder than the football team...especially in the 90 degree summer heat for like 8 hours a day. Then once school starts, playing pre game, post game, and half time shows on friday nights, then going out to Pizza hut with the rest of the band until like 1 AM...then waking up for a competition the next day. TOTALLY more hard core than football.
2. The most awesome place to meet friends...it's basically like the giant marching band family. If you know people, great. You'll meet more. If you don't know people, you can't help knowing people by the end of the first couple days of practice. Then you see them all every day except sunday for the entirety of the season
3. The origin of the awesomest inside jokes that you and other band people will laugh at for years
4. The perfect way to find your inner hard core-ness. (haha.) But seriously, it starts to get painful...then when it's over you go brag about how painful it was
5. A group of students with basically no life besides band. You've got band camp, then practice every day after school, then a football game, competition or saturday practice like every weekend throughout the season...not really any time for a life.
1. *During band camp* It's so hot out...i want lunch
*After band camp* Band camp was so awesome!!!!
2. "Hey. Why are you sitting all by yourself? you look lonely. come sit with us."
3. "The sandwich isn't plastic, so I'm gonna eat it now..."
4. My back is killing me from holding up my mellophone...
5. Normal person: Are you going to the fling?
Me: no...I have a marching band show on friday and i have rehearsal on saturday...
by AwesomeBandGeek September 07, 2007

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