In my opinion, the hardest working people at a football game. We practice as many days as we can make sure we do our best, our very best, get our marching show perfect during half-time. We also want play good and sound good so we can make our school proud to have such a great band and go to marching competions. I just want to point out that marching bands are NOT nerds and geeks who have nothing better to do, but regular students who enjoy playing in the band and marching.
Go Tuba Players!! We are the best in the Marching Band!
by Cole Earnhart November 20, 2006
It's you goddamn life, learn it, love it, and LIVE IT!

When you're in band, you might as well say good bye to Friday mall hang outs, and hello crappy football team and totally awesome field show.

Marching Band is the only thing that people go to watch at football games pay close attention, the minute the band performs everyone leaves.

You Fool I am the band lord!

Tips for the little freshmen afraid of band... don't worry dearie you only got the drum major yelling at you to hurry up, you got upper classmen who will protect you during school day hours but the minute it's band time prepare for the worst. Oh and Tuba cases are not that bad you'll grow to get used to them by the end of your freshmen year.

Band is a bad-ass, complete awesomeness, heaven on Earth SPORT, that's right football team band is a sport and no one gives a damn about you, that saints born on Earth go because they are gifted with proper roll step, proper time, and good rhythym.

Once you're band you're in forever, if you quit you should go into hiding because you will be hunted down and force to march in the basement no one knows about at your school, it's a giant football field made by the Band god to make you march.

Tip: Don't make a piccolo mad
Tubas doing Soldier Boy is amazing.

Cheerleaders were made for the marching band, don't believe them when they say it the other way around.

by Band-4-Life December 27, 2009
1. life for the second half of summer and all of first semester
2. a group of 200 or so pervs
3. excuse as to why you didnt do your homework
4. filled with couples because we dont ever see anyone out side of marching band
5. your second family
6. band hall home away from home
7. bus second home away from home
8. color gaurd a bunch of girls, occasionaly guys, that get in your way on the field... BUT you love them anyways!
9. less acredited but waayy harder working than the football team
10. (last but not least) where you will live some of the best moments of your life
Non-band friend* what are you doing after school?
Bandie* marching band.
Non-band friend* what about friday night?
Bandie* marching band.
Non-band friend* saturday???
Bandie* marching band.
Non-band friend* next month?
by Dear Diary FourFourNine October 23, 2008
Marching Band is the best experience you can have in your life. You make the best friends you ever will. Nobody could replace this family.
Marching Band really does work harder then football. At my school, there is a football camp. It is from 8 AM till 11 AM. The band Practices From 7AM till 4PM. Last season, 5 kids had to go to the hospital in a ambulance because the band director worked them too hard in 101 degree weather. We get a water break every 2 hours, and it only lasts 5 minutes, then it is back to work. the football players have no respect for us. We have to practice in the parking lot. If The Band director doesn't like what we are doing he makes us do this thing where we get into a push up position, but don't push up. It is harder said than done. If anyone falls, he makes us do it longer. We have practice on the first day of school. Then, we have a practice every monday and wendsday for 3 hours, friday for 5, and then after the friday practice, we have a football game to preform at. Saturdays we have a competition, and sundays we have a 9 hour practice. Oh, and for the colorguarders, like me, and then some band kids who choose to, it is a full year thing. There is winterguard. Its Not quite as brutal. In winterguard, you have 12 hour practices. The winterguard season starts BEFORE the fall guard season ends, so there is no time for a break. The end of winterguard marks the tryouts for Fall guard.The band director doesnt work us so hard because HE wants to, but because we TELL him to.
by Maria00 December 31, 2008
1.That thing that consumes so many people's lives. It's usually fun until the director(s) piss you off. It may or may not be a sport.
2.Those dudes at every football game who aren't the players and wear funny clothes.
3.Those seemingly geeky kids, who are somehow more likely to get laid than you.
Those kids who show up to every game, play (mostly)decent music, travel a lot, and may even get credit in school for it are with the marching band.
by Jonny Doe May 20, 2008
~A collection of the most amazingly perverted people in the cosmos
Bob: Why did Mary Sue laugh when I was talking about my zucchini from cooking class?
Suzy: She is in Marching Band
by HerecomesTreble January 19, 2009
Where awesome pplz get together to play with musical instruments... and during band camp each other
Trumpet one: Hey after I blow on this trumpet for a marching band competition, let's go find some girls to blow on us!!

Trumpet two: DUDE!!!
by j<c April 05, 2007
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