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It's you goddamn life, learn it, love it, and LIVE IT!

When you're in band, you might as well say good bye to Friday mall hang outs, and hello crappy football team and totally awesome field show.

Marching Band is the only thing that people go to watch at football games pay close attention, the minute the band performs everyone leaves.

You Fool I am the band lord!

Tips for the little freshmen afraid of band... don't worry dearie you only got the drum major yelling at you to hurry up, you got upper classmen who will protect you during school day hours but the minute it's band time prepare for the worst. Oh and Tuba cases are not that bad you'll grow to get used to them by the end of your freshmen year.

Band is a bad-ass, complete awesomeness, heaven on Earth SPORT, that's right football team band is a sport and no one gives a damn about you, that saints born on Earth go because they are gifted with proper roll step, proper time, and good rhythym.

Once you're band you're in forever, if you quit you should go into hiding because you will be hunted down and force to march in the basement no one knows about at your school, it's a giant football field made by the Band god to make you march.

Tip: Don't make a piccolo mad
Tubas doing Soldier Boy is amazing.

Cheerleaders were made for the marching band, don't believe them when they say it the other way around.

by Band-4-Life December 27, 2009

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