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1.Best Sport Ever
2.Hard as Hell
3.Bus rides are epik
4.One real big family, with incest involved
5.The Band Hall is your Second Home
6.Where you learn how to play an insterment WHILE moving
7.Perveted convos
8.Where you change on the Band Bus or infront of everyone in the slot room
9.Where Band Camp is the highlight of your summer
10.Where the director yells at you every change he gets
11.Where you are pround to be called a Band NERD
'Being in the marching band is just like football, except backwards and while doing something complex in a weird uniform.'
'PICK UP THOSE TOES!!!' --My band director
Marching band body:
Colorguard is the Image of the show, Drumline is the heartbeat, while the Band is the Body.
by Band-nerd666 October 07, 2009
1. My life
2. The best way to make friends freshmen year
3. a great place to learn music (no shit), marching (no shit part 2), balance, dynamics :-D , how to deal with others, leadership, reflexes, flexibility, and more and more stuff...
4. About the only thing in in a Band Kid's life
5. usually comes with a colorguard attatched... unless you don't have one, which was a good thing at one time but colorguardies are sweet and I'm glad my school has one again
6. A second home... I live in the band room half the year, the band is my extended family, my instructors are awesome, MM is amazing too
7. Where we learn to "March Like Gods" as Julio says
8. Where I learnded how to BS anything
9. and turn any innocent comment into a very dirty one
10. Hot guys... most, and then some ugly nice ones :-D
11. An experience everyone who loves music should have
1. Band is her life! We can't go to the movies, can't go shopping... she's always as band-this or band-that
2. I'd say 80% of my friends are in the band... very sad but i love it!!
3. She can walk instep with her friends down the hallway with a lunch tray on her head, and her eyes closed. She's humming and fingering the show while she's at it
4. I have no other life as you can tell
5. I love my guardies! You know who you are sweeties!!
6. "The band room is my home," said Laura
"... the band hallway is my patio... unless the janitor lady kicjs me out," said I.
7. Heehee ACC
8. Oh yeah, just do your facts paragraphs in Mr. Eiler's class on music... which he knows nothing about so you cant be wrong
9. I was doing the robot in class while the low brass was playing their groove in Magna
10. Colorguardies love band guys.. proven fact... and everyone loves drummers
11. My life is changed because of band and I'd like it no other way :-D
by Kaytee P January 14, 2004
An activity for people to weak or to much of a baby for normal sports teams. In other words an activity for the physically challenged.
That marching band is full of wanna be athletes
by Dale234 March 01, 2012
Marching band is a BAND (not sport) that marches in formation while playing music.

The real truth
1. football games are not for you. You don't matter at all. People come for football. You guys are to keep the fans slightly entertained while the football players take a small break.
2. you are sick perverts. You make jokes about fingering and positions.

3. You are not hot. Girls, you are ugly cows. Guys, you are either fat loosers or skinny twigs. The only way you are getting any is from other bandies. I don't know about your school, but in mine, bandies hook up a lot and I vomit inside at some of the couples. I do not get laid a lot but when I do, it is usually an 8,9, or 10. MAYBE a 7. Not like the 4s and 3s in band. Reason why band bus have no lights is because no one wants to see that.

4. Your summer trainings are not that hard. We start practice an hour before you guys (5am) and end at 8. Thats practice. Then I lift weights for an hour THEN go for a long distance run THEN a swim. Yea walking around all day... not as hard as RUNNING all day.

5. Band letters do NOT count. you DO NOT deserve to wear one with a band letter
In conclusion, you are disgusting. You think you are better then everyone
Bandie: Oh My God! Marching Band is so cool! we are so much more tough then football! our girls are so much hotter! We get a lot of pootang!

Player (any sport): uh ok... sure... (as the actually attractive girl walks by and checks out the handsome player)
hell on earth. only good when you have a huge band and a teacher who isnt a total cuntwad. something that you can get thrown out of for improvising.
john got kicked out of the marching band because he improvised all his snare parts because his teacher is a fuckface and cant see what a good drummer he is. it didn't help that he made fun of her obesity and he was an athlete
by john gallione January 05, 2007
The worst thing that ever happened to life.

aka: death
"I hate marching band so much it makes me want to puke"-Cassie

"Well we hate it so much that we want to die" -Meghan and Jackie
by jlawlzm August 07, 2009
Gay as dump.
Marching band is gay.
by Jewsopher January 05, 2010