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1 definition by band.dances.are.amazing

a group of students with instruments that march in various formations during pre-game and/or half-time while playing aforementioned instruments

band members are subject to hear such phrases from the band director as...

1. "feet on the beat, feet on the beat"
2. "pick up those knees!!!"
3. "that's not attention!!!"
4. "this is a marching band, NOT a walking band!!"
5. "keep those bells up!! you're not waiting for a bus!!"
6. "left! left! left!"
7. "this is a fight song, not a lullaby!!!"
8. "come on, row that boat!!!"
9. "posture people, POSTURE!!!!"
10. "ARRGH!!!!" (and other crazy-pirate sounding yells)

in addition, students may hear various words and/or phrases from other students, such as yelling, chanting, and various profanities
the marching band's lines were horribly crooked during its pre-game routine.
by band.dances.are.amazing October 19, 2005
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