The enticing aroma says it all... take it like a bitch...
by jeremy kuehl March 05, 2004
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A misspelling of "marijuana".
I like marajuana and cokeain
by Anonymous April 12, 2003
mispronunciation of marijuana. A.K.A. grass, or the wacky weed.
example: Marjuana's bay-ud...m-kay...
by tor October 05, 2003
Proof that it DOES affect people's brains...illiteracy is a shame.
I can't spell 'marijuana' correctly, probably because I smoked too much of it.
by Captain Stabbin April 13, 2003
mispellin of maijuibna
I smoked marajuana but not maijuibna.
by FUCKskullPENISholeASSlover May 25, 2003
The good shit
Smoked the good shit last night
by Why do you care? February 23, 2003
the happy shit
i love smoking the happy shit and then having sex
by up your ass August 09, 2003
The Munchie giver
Weebles are little bugs in THC,when you smoke they go into your stomach and eat all of the food, so you eat more and more and more, and the reason you come down is, when the weebles eat too much they explode.
by smokie December 17, 2003
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