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The Munchie giver
Weebles are little bugs in THC,when you smoke they go into your stomach and eat all of the food, so you eat more and more and more, and the reason you come down is, when the weebles eat too much they explode.
by smokie December 17, 2003
21 66
You Forgot Mull
lets smoke Sum Mull
by Freddy May 24, 2003
6 51

Many many uses!!!

The all perpose drug
"I smoke marajuana not pot...DAAAAA!"
by Colin B September 30, 2004
11 58
mara wanna- cool green
this is some kind cool green ushas!
by geomite September 16, 2003
25 72
the cataract cure
"Want some?" " I swear it's the cataract cure."
by Anna August 10, 2003
37 84
The enticing aroma says it all...
awhh...you take it like a bitch...
by jeremy kuehl March 05, 2004
45 93
marajuana-also known as the happy shit the shit that makes you hungry and laugh ur ass off...haha
for an example-______smoked a bunch of "MARAJUANA"and she laughed and laughed and then she ate a whole bunch of munchies!!
by Toke August 29, 2003
33 82