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The same as caravaning, but the people present are strictly all male, hence the name man-van.

Man-vanning was originally created because girls ruined the overall fun of the night,
you cannot discuss such things as;
-Having sexual intercourse with chicken pasties.
-Amy's breast.
-The rating of girls in your school/6th form/college.
-Ridiculing of those who we dislike.
-General aggression and piss taking.

but mostly performing horrific male antics.

The experience is overall more fun when girls are taken out of the equation.

This also can irradicate the danger of cheating if one of the males is in a relationship

As getting drunk with girls present if you are in a relationship, does not bode well.
"Hey fancying having a sausage fest this weekend?"
"Yeh sure, how about a bit of manvaning"
"Sounds good"
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