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One of any make or manufacture of luxury SUV, meant to bestow manly characteristics to an otherwise emascualted or socially-inept head of household. Also, any SUV bought for the purposes of evoking masculinity in an urban-only environment.
"Todd took a cue from Chad down at the country club and decided to buy a ManVan instead of the Soccer-Momish Windstar Muffy was chiding him about."
by spacematic January 31, 2005
Noun. One step above conditional, behavioral retardation. The threetard, let it be noted, is not a variant of the classical use of "retard." Rather, one becomes a threetard through repeated indiscreet or moronic behavior. Therefore, the threetard monicker is one that is earned and is never in reference to the mentally handicapped.
You should have seen Billy at the dance with Sharon. He tried dancing the 'Macarena' to Kenny Loggins' 'Danger Zone.' What a total freakin' threetard! Dang.
by spacematic July 27, 2005

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