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A white trash coctail made with cheap domestic beer and stuffed green olives, served in a martini glass. Stirred, not shaken
Bartender, I'll have a highlife mantini
by alm4400 November 17, 2006
When a man shaves or manscapes the top portion of his pubic hair in the shape of a martini glass and his wiener is the handle of it. FACT: Women love the mantini. Every man should have a mantini.
Guy 1: Dude, your pubes are in the shape of a martini glass, dude, far out.
Guy 2: Oh ya i manscaped them hard last night brah, its called the mantini. Hey, no bullshit, the b*****s love them, got my girl hyped last night just seeing my pubies!!
by RadicalDolphin July 17, 2012
A mixture of 4 shots of segram's 7 crown whiskey, one 12 oz pabst blue ribbon, a few oz of wine, simple syrup, a squeeze of lime and a fruit garnish. If you can drink two of these you are a man
Suzanna drank two mantinis therefore she is a man.
by Johnny Questman August 25, 2010
An alcoholic drink that at first glance appears girly but upon further examination is actually quite manly.
Guy 1: Dude, is that a cosmo you're drinking?

Guy 2: Ya right! That's whiskey in there....it's a mantini!
by Joneman November 18, 2009
A strong cocktail that a woman orders so she can muster up the courage to seduce a man. Liquid courage. A drink that removes all inhibition.
When the girls arrived to Timpano's, Scarlett asked Maggie, "What are you drinking?" Maggie replied, "Girl, I'm gonna need a mantini tonight. I see Tom over there and you know how badly I want him."
by GiddyUpGirlFL January 25, 2009
a drink contaning martini glass with whisky
the only drink of e man mantinis
by mike desmond January 12, 2008
A term for ejaculate or a cumshot.
I fucked my girl real hard last night, then she drank my mantini.
by Slanguage September 29, 2006