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22 definitions by GiddyUpGirlFL

Mass extermination of every asshole you have ever dated. The final solution to those men who lied, cheated and never returned your call. The persecution of narcissistic men.
With Michelle Branch singing "Goodbye to You" in the background, Scarlett and Maggie gathered their Ken dolls...each one representing a man they had dated or experienced an unpleasant situation with...they placed them in a mass grave, doused them with gasoline and burned them during their monthly Assholocaust. "Well that's that." said Maggie. "Yep. Sure is." said Scarlett. "Goodbye Ted, Ed, Rusty, Alan, Pierre...until next month."
by GiddyUpGirlFL March 04, 2009
A man that a woman uses for sex when she is between relationships. This man has no future in her life, he is a tweener weiner.
Scarlett had suffered sexual famine though she pursued a viable mate, she had been celebate for 5 months. She even became revirginated.
In a moment of lusty weakness she telephoned Maggie to say, "I am gonna do that sweet young pool boy." To that Maggie replied, "Set yourself free! He can be your tweener weiner baby!"
by GiddyUpGirlFL July 02, 2009
A profound change in form from one stage to the next in the life history of a man as from being born a nobody, rising to super stardom and using that influence to fuck everything that moves.
A complete change of form, structure, or substance, as transformation by money, fame, fortune, plastic surgery thus propelling a man to seek sexual relations with global sluts irregardless of his beautiful wife at home with his children.
Pathology. A type of alteration or degeneration in which tissues are changed. For example, athletes who equate the size of their dick to the size of their bank account.
Tiger Woods quickly rose to superstardom status and was idolized by millions. Yet, he managed to keep his life with his beautiful wife and children private. He shocked the world as his metawhorephosis became public revealing that the "golden boy" had had numerous affairs with all sorts of whores and even fucked the waitress at Perkins in the church parking lot!
by GiddyUpGirlFL December 29, 2009
Vibrators, dildos and other delightful toys for use in the bedroom. Women use toys for twats with or without a man to achieve orgasm. There are many types ranging from classic, clitoral, G-spot and Rabbit to name a few.
Scarlett asked Maggie, "Have you seen Vicky lately?" Maggie replied, "No. That girl is off seeing that older man. I call him Santa Claus. He so old he can't get it up so he always brings her toys for twats."
by GiddyUpGirlFL January 26, 2009
When the air in a room smells like Booty, Ass and Pussy.
When Maggie walked into the party. Scarlett winced and said "Girl!, I smell Bootassy! Where you been bitch?" Maggie replied "I have been on my sexual odyssey with that hunky man I am dating."
by GiddyUpGirlFL June 29, 2009
The constant need and desire to purge and rid yourself of all the crap in your life. Ridding one's self of meaningless objects and people can provide a sense of euphoria and well-being. Freedom from possessions and being possessed.
As Annie was ridding her home of all the things that belonged to her ex-husband she telephoned Holly to tell her how great she felt. Holly replied, "Girl! Sounds like you are afflicted with BULLSHITIMIA! Purging all his crap will set yourself free! Rid yourself of all his shit!"
by Giddyupgirlfl May 15, 2011
Guilt sex. Obligatory sex. When you have sex with someone because you "owe" them.
Even though Scarlett was not in love with Thurston she continued the relationship because it fulfilled her gold digging material need as he showered her with gifts and travel to exotic destinations.
Holly asked, "Ya still given it up for that Thurston?"
Scarlett replied, "Yep. I have to. All the money that man spends on me. Girl, it's my call of booty!"
by GiddyUpGirlFL December 14, 2009