The removal of excess pubic hair via waxing, shaving, plucking.
When you can't find your wang, it might be time to manscape.

Tom sat there waiting for his date and thought "Damn, I forgot to manscape for before leaving the house!"
by bored sailor August 27, 2008
Top Definition
The removal of excess body hair via waxing, shaving, plucking. Also manscap - ing, ed

See Metrosexual
When your chick calls you a Yeti, it might be time for a little manscaping.
by AirRazr August 13, 2003
to keep the body hair trimmed
When he took of his shirt, it looked like he was still wearing a sweater. I think a little manscaping is in order.
by Pinkenstein April 27, 2004
verb. - to shave a portion of "manly" body hair, in anticipation of getting laid.
I am gonna go on a hot date tonight, so I've got to do some manscaping.
by TexasBlake March 01, 2004
when a guy shaves or trims his body hair to appear neat and well-groomed; especially the pubic region.
1. Dude, what happened to your chest hair? Did you manscape for your date last night?

2. I'm not going near that thing again unless you show me some manners and manscape!
by Scott W- July 28, 2008
The metrosexual art of trimming your hedges "body hair". Derived from the word landscape.
Look at that metro, his manscaping is out of control, he looks like a 12 year old boy!
by Tbone July 06, 2004
A Human Landscape: an (impressive) landscape shaped by humans and/or human act.
1. Skyline's are no landscape dude, they're manscape!

2. I hope they'll never turn the Grand Canyon into a manscape.
by utreggie December 05, 2010
when a guy shaves his pubic hair before a big event, date, etc.
"I have to manscape in the shower before my date tonite"
by Ty Puckett February 26, 2008
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