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½ Man, ½ Chimpanzee. Most hilarious word ever. Too bad a Manpanzee doesn't actually exist, but there are many sightings of unidentified animals that could be a Manpanzee, like bigfoot, yeti, abominable snowman, etc. Also, the theync user weeg may possibly be a Manpanzee, judging from his speech patterns. A possible rendition of a Manpanzee is the infamous Mangurl, which is what weeg supposedly looks like.
Manpanzee can be affectionately shortened to Manpan. The female version of a Manpanzee would logically be Womanpanzee.
*Manpanzee wakes up and goes downstairs*

Womanpanzee Wife: Aww you're up early, I am making Manpancakes today!
Manpanzee: Me eat Manpancakes. Did thay finished yet?
Womanpanzee Wife: Aww Manpan, why are you in such a hurry? You don't have to go to work for another hour!
Manpanzee: Me go early today.
Womanpanzee Wife: I love you.
Manpanzee: Me love you.
by toshinator February 24, 2010
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