a half-human, half-chimp hybrid made possible by the fact that we share over 99 percent of genes with the chimps.
george w bush
the primatoloists watching the state-of-the-union address were shocked to discover proof positive of the world' first humanzee. Now the question remained: had not just the united states of america, but the CIA to boot, previously had a bonafide CHIMP as its head... or was Ol' George Senior just very fucking drunk one night?
by maks March 09, 2004
a hairy primate intermediate species dwelling in the triangle formed by the regions of Karachi, Lahore and Shlong in South Asia.

humanzees walk upright and are covered with course thick black fur that approximates human pubic hair.
"I love my man hairy , my baby daddy so hairy and so fine, he a humanzee!!!!"
by hyder rishad March 06, 2005
the missing link between man and monkey created from hush experiments in italy, usa and china. oliver is widely known but there is another from china not as well known called yu wang.
Humanzee are fertile and can create their own offspring so oliver and yu wang could make baby humanzees
by charlie55 August 22, 2006
Half man, half chimp

More simian like than human like
George W Bush is a humanzee
by Shitcock Shitfuck February 20, 2009

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