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Individual with a great sense of humour. Heavy drinker but a master behind the wheel of a car. Future evil genius that will take over the world with his ability to craft vehicles from anything laying around.
Person one: You got any wine?
Person two: Ask Manno!
by Faedaye January 17, 2012
Usually a female of red hair,gets really trashed at parties and gets slammed out.On occasions this "manno" will wake up the next morning with a dick in her mouth and is at first confused but jsut sucks it anyways.
Oh amanda!I loved you I loved you, whats a shame!
WTF Manno, your so fucking loose!
by Alex calmers March 01, 2009
An ugly guy with a tiny penis who is known for once asking, "have you ever swam in water?"
First person: Look at that manno over there...
Second person: Oh that douche...
by mannotron March 25, 2011