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To mank someone, it is a verb meaning having sex with a girl who is so short/light that you are able to convieniently pick her up as you do it. "Manking" has become a new way to have sex with short girls while standing up, and has created new oppurtunities for multitasking during sex.
Dude, that girl's ass is sooo hot; I just wanna mank the shit out of her.

Dude, I heard your little sister got manked!

"Where's Mark?" I heard he's manking that girl from his science class."
#sex #dirty sailor #reverse cowgirl #short girl #sandbag
by Old School Hollywood June 13, 2006
Disgusting, revolting, minging, buzzing
I can't believe that video in Biology it was manking!
#manking #disgusting #revolting #minging #buzzing
by WElsh gal December 09, 2009
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