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A guy who is sweet, kind, funny, smart, perfect, amazing, the best boyfriend ever, understanding, cute, sexy, great, and all the adjectives that describe the greatest person in the world (: Has been know to make innocent girls' hearts melt.
"My boyfriend is just like a Moshe."
":O NO WAY! HE MUST BE PERFECT! I am so jealous."
#amazing #perfect #sexy #sweet #kind #smart
by poopylovesmooshy April 27, 2009
n. A person of extreme obsession for riding shotgun having a mental age of below seven years and generally being unable to get a hold of the shotgun seat or any seat other than the middle one.
Much like a mother protecting her children, such person may display extraordinary strength that transcend even apparent physical limitations when he feels his shotgun seat is at risk, alas as experience shows, the moshe is most likely to fail at this task.
Look, he's in the middle seat. He must be a moshe!
by kirsh February 29, 2004
A person who is obsessed with tea. It is not a good idea to permit this person to drink an excess in tea, the end result would be a catastrophic Crazed maniac.
If you spot a Moshe with a tea high,contact the TMCU ( Tea Maniac Control Unit) immediately!
#moshe #tea #tmcu #high #person
by moshex004 May 21, 2008
an alcoholic beverage consisting of a mix of either vodka, whiskey, scotch, rum or any other hard liquor with gatorade, or crystal light, juice or/and pop
Ya, lets make some moshe so we don't get drunk that fast
#vodka #gatorade #alcohol #camp #nbb
by moshemixer August 19, 2010
The act of giving or receiving a handjob/fingering.
She moshed me last night.

Im still a virgin but moshe is alright to do.

We had some mutual moshe last night. It was amazing.
#fingering #handjob #masturbation #sexless #tagthis
by Cabbage me Manque September 16, 2007
It means negatively emotional, but shouldn't be confused with 'emo' as it isn't as life-style encompassing. You don't need to have black hair and nailpolish and listen to Bright Eyes to be moshe every once in a while.
Man, that movie was so moshe, I bawled my eyes out

Alright, you can borrow my top, you don't have to get all moshe about it!
#synonyms: dramatic #sad #hysterical #moody #upset
by x3lise_x March 23, 2006
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