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1.) A sexy man
2.) Perfect
3.) Player
1.) OMG! he's sooo MANIT.
2.) I want a Manit Man.
3.) He's such a manit.
by Shivani March 28, 2004
to stay up all night getting drunk.
lad's, we gonna man it tonight
by Cass3 July 23, 2005
To tough it out; To be a beast at, or in something. To show your tough side and be tough as nails. To be a man. To be like Batman.
Past Tense = Manned It
example 1:
Person 1: oh man I am so tired I don't think I can finish this game.
Person 2: Hey just Man It you pussy.
example 2:
Person 1: Damn did you see Mark in that track race he set a world record!
Person 2: Yeah he Manned It.
by Bman Hegs October 07, 2012