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A slutty girl who searches for men to get off with in social gatherings.
A: Sarah's such a manhunter. She got off with Dan AND Ollie last night!
B: God, what a whore! She's such a bitch, they've all got girlfriends!
by ChinaPower March 23, 2007
14 3
A film, TV show or play which possesses beautiful on-screen visuals and/or imagery.
That film has a real "Manhunter" look about it.
by John Mounsey November 17, 2003
6 2
One who seeks the warmth of another man between his buttocks or mouth. Usually hunts for men in truck stops by yelling "cock!" really loud which enables a radar sense, much like a bat.
1.Dude last night Ol' Wayne was looking for dudes outside my truck, I couldn't sleep!

2.I know I heard him too, he's such a manhunter.

1.He's the queen of manhunters.

by The manliest man November 19, 2008
4 1
A freakin awesome video on youtube about two guys hunting a wild white wildebeest. Made as an assignment for Honors Chem. Watch it. Its hella funny.
Person 1: "Wow, have you watched that man hunters video on youtube?"
Person 2: "No."
Person 1: "Well than just leave, no one wants you here."
Person 2: (crying)"Fine...maybe I will..."
by KNCN November 19, 2007
3 2
Male stimulation represented in the form of erectile penile tissue, formed when only possible to be stimulated my male nakedness.
1. Gettin your "Rod On" in a male shower room.
2. Poor soft pornography where only view is of a male arse bobbing up and down.
by iTough September 28, 2004
2 4