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A slutty girl who searches for men to get off with in social gatherings.
A: Sarah's such a manhunter. She got off with Dan AND Ollie last night!
B: God, what a whore! She's such a bitch, they've all got girlfriends!
by ChinaPower March 23, 2007
One who seeks the warmth of another man between his buttocks or mouth. Usually hunts for men in truck stops by yelling "cock!" really loud which enables a radar sense, much like a bat.
1.Dude last night Ol' Wayne was looking for dudes outside my truck, I couldn't sleep!

2.I know I heard him too, he's such a manhunter.

1.He's the queen of manhunters.

by The manliest man November 19, 2008
A film, TV show or play which possesses beautiful on-screen visuals and/or imagery.
That film has a real "Manhunter" look about it.
by John Mounsey November 17, 2003
A freakin awesome video on youtube about two guys hunting a wild white wildebeest. Made as an assignment for Honors Chem. Watch it. Its hella funny.
Person 1: "Wow, have you watched that man hunters video on youtube?"
Person 2: "No."
Person 1: "Well than just leave, no one wants you here."
Person 2: (crying)"Fine...maybe I will..."
by KNCN November 19, 2007
Male stimulation represented in the form of erectile penile tissue, formed when only possible to be stimulated my male nakedness.
1. Gettin your "Rod On" in a male shower room.
2. Poor soft pornography where only view is of a male arse bobbing up and down.
by iTough September 28, 2004

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