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The pug is where the word originates from; something that is so ugly it is known as being cute. Often used to describe clothes, accessories, etc
A: Look at those shoes, they're so ugly!
B: I think they're pugly.
by ChinaPower March 06, 2007
'Pull' in this British sense, basically meaning to french kiss someone. Going 'out on the pull' means going out with the intention of pulling someone.
A: Sarah's out on the pull tonight. Better watch out!
B: Scaaaary...
by ChinaPower March 23, 2007
A slutty girl who searches for men to get off with in social gatherings.
A: Sarah's such a manhunter. She got off with Dan AND Ollie last night!
B: God, what a whore! She's such a bitch, they've all got girlfriends!
by ChinaPower March 23, 2007

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